We are Holcim, a proud part of the Midlothian community for more than 30 years!


This is your place to find the information about our permit amendment application and our commitment to produce cement vital to the North Texas economy and beyond in the most environmentally responsible means possible.


About Us

The Holcim Midlothian cement plant has been a proud part of this community for more than 30 years. At Holcim, we proudly produce quality cement that is integral to the Texas economy and infrastructure. Our process meets all applicable state and federal environmental regulations.

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Permit Details



In May 2019, we submitted a permit amendment to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) seeking restoration of pre-2017 carbon monoxide limits that have been in effect for 20 years, and removing a voluntary limit of 30% from our 2007 application, thereby allowing us to use the most economical and efficient mix of fuel sources. Petcoke is a common fuel that can be utilized by all cement kilns in Midlothian. The Holcim plant has successfully used petcoke since 2006. We are simply requesting the same flexibility as other cement kilns in Midlothian.

Permit Document


Holcim has provided a copy of our complete application, the TCEQ executive director’s preliminary decision (including the draft permit), the executive director’s preliminary determination summary and the executive director’s air quality analysis, (including any subsequent revisions) at the following location: 

A H Meadows Public & High School Library
922 S 9th St
Midlothian, TX 76065

To learn more and view TCEQ’s preliminary determination summary click here.


At Holcim, we take our leadership as an environmental steward very seriously and are leaders in the industry in protecting the environment. We conduct our operations professionally and responsibly, carefully managing the risks of our business.


We realize that the environmental permitting process is complex, with many factors to be considered in order to achieve the best results for everyone.​


Check back for future important dates and meetings!

Important Dates




Holcim is pleased to take extra steps to provide neighbors and decision-makers access to information about the permit application. This website and other contact information are two important additions to the process.


To contact the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for a list of upcoming public meetings, visit www.tceq.texas.gov. Neighbors are invited to send their comments or questions regarding the Holcim permit application here.

Michel Moser

Plant Manager


Dan Carnes

Environmental Manager